04:11 09-27-2015
lindsay madden
Happy Birthday Helen for Monday,enjoy your day.
17:51 09-26-2015
Kevin wilson
Hi Helen happy birthday on Monday (I will be away then) so sending this now all the best Kevin
01:38 08-23-2015
Kumu armstrong
Thank you for the lovely evening at Minsthorpe elmsall yesterday. We had to brave through rain and puddles on the road. But there was this rainbow in the horizon! Few times we were contemplating on turning back. But we made it. It was fully worth. Oh what a blessing to have been there to see u praising the Lord. Thank you for a wonderful evening. God bless u.
22:09 08-22-2015
Sheila Horton
Just returned home from Helen's gospel outreach at Minsthorpe, South Elmsall, west yorkshire. Thank you Helen, I feel renewed and full of my faith once more. I think I had got a little 'stale', distracted, not properly focused, but I hung onto every word and enjoyed every minute. I was so glad to meet you at the end. God bless
you Helen you are doing such great things in the name of our Lord. I hope to see you again!
18:56 08-17-2015
Sue Prentice
Just a spontaneous thank-you message to Helen, as I again listen to my compilation album!
I do have the early hits on 45, and was lucky enough to meet Helen when she 'popped into' our small restaurant in Eye, Suffolk (en route home from somewhere).
Lovely Lady - Lovely Voice - Lovely Music.
Thank-You for many years of joy, Helen!
15:01 03-30-2015
Phil Collis
Hi All,
I just stumbled on this website and it brought back childhood memories of Helen's hits.
If Helen is ever around the Leytonstone area on a Wednesday night, there is a jazz jam where her cousin, Sue Holliday, sings there most nights. It would be fantastic if Helen were around that area as I know she is a jazz fan herself.
Best wishes
23:28 03-09-2015
john hind
the best british female popular singer of the last 50 years, in my opinion, a better voice than dusty springfield and shirley bassey even
09:06 02-24-2015
For all the pop stars of the past Helen's songs are amongst the greatest
01:13 02-20-2015
so enjoy your music... like the Female to Marty Goetz < for me - You both extol the ONE TRUE with your gifts
...and really appreciate the jazz influence
Todah Rabah
17:18 01-26-2015
Helen Marsh
I am posting on here with some rather sad news. My father, Alwyn Brentnall, passed away on the 18th of January.
He had been a devoted fan of Helen Shapiro since the very beginning of her career and I know that some of the people who visit this page will have known him through the official fan club.
He was such a huge fan, that even I was named after her! Helen's music gave him many years of happiness, and her songs will be played at his funeral.
He died very suddenly at his home and will be missed by many people. I just wanted to share the sad news for anyone who knew him through Helen's music over the years.
07:32 01-04-2015
paula van proosdij h
happy and healthy new year helen and john from holland
22:47 12-31-2014
Terry Smith
Happy New Year to Helen and John and to all Friends, where-ever you may be.
from Terry in Melbourne Australia.
15:39 11-04-2014
paula van proosdij h
also on the evergreentop 1000 is played you dont know helen with 3 songs in the evergreen top 1000.great
12:23 11-03-2014
paula van proosdij h
this week on dutch radio ,evergreen top 1000.walking backto happines on 465 and queen for tonighton number 385.loveley to hear.
09:01 10-15-2014
Lindsay Madden N.Z.
Happy Birthday Helen for the 28th, we are now Pensioners!!!!!!!
Thanks for the music since 1961,your songs helped us get through some tough times. Life is so good and so pleased you are still doing 'your own thing' The outreach programme seems amazing and its great you can do it and pass on your thoughts and beliefs to others.
Have a great and wonderful birthday you deserve it.
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