07:32 01-04-2015
paula van proosdij h
happy and healthy new year helen and john from holland
22:47 12-31-2014
Terry Smith
Happy New Year to Helen and John and to all Friends, where-ever you may be.
from Terry in Melbourne Australia.
15:39 11-04-2014
paula van proosdij h
also on the evergreentop 1000 is played you dont know helen with 3 songs in the evergreen top 1000.great
12:23 11-03-2014
paula van proosdij h
this week on dutch radio ,evergreen top 1000.walking backto happines on 465 and queen for tonighton number 385.loveley to hear.
09:01 10-15-2014
Lindsay Madden N.Z.
Happy Birthday Helen for the 28th, we are now Pensioners!!!!!!!
Thanks for the music since 1961,your songs helped us get through some tough times. Life is so good and so pleased you are still doing 'your own thing' The outreach programme seems amazing and its great you can do it and pass on your thoughts and beliefs to others.
Have a great and wonderful birthday you deserve it.
11:52 09-29-2014
vicki paleologo
Happy birthday Helen, you still have the best voice ever!! and yes you are Valid!
01:33 09-29-2014
Leslye Watts
Happy Birthday Helen. You were my idol and favourite star.
I was a member of your Friends Club until it ended.
Have all of your cd,s and still rave about you.
Wish you could come to New Zealand.
Keep that great voice going!
15:16 09-28-2014
Richard |Fox
Happy birthday Helen, hope you have a lovely day.
13:05 09-28-2014
Stephen Calcagno, Jr
Happy Birthday, Helen !!! Have a great day !!! Stephen G. Calcagno, Jr. Marrero, Louisiana USA
12:18 09-28-2014
Kevin Wilson
Happy Birthday Helen hope you and John are both well have a great day
08:12 07-09-2014
paula van proosdij h
Helen was on Dutch TV with The Beatles. Nice to see you Helen.
16:57 05-31-2014
Benny Simmons
Will you please make me a member of your fan club I remember you from your days appearing in shows in Great Yarmouth and when you came to the swimming when I worked there. King Regards Benny.
Replied on: 17:54 05-31-2014

Hello Benny,
Helen's Fan Club discontinued in 2006.
She only does Gospel Outreaches presently.
List of dates here:
The HS Newspage is updated from time to time here:

22:30 05-23-2014
Kevin Wilson
Hi Andy I see on you tube that Susan has a new cd out do you know where I can get a copy from? regards kevin
11:51 05-13-2014
I'm searching for the sheet music of "Queen for tonight" of Helen Shapiro. Can you please help me ? I can't find it anywhere...
kind greetings from Belgium, Maria
14:26 04-30-2014
vicki paleologo
first heard I DONT CARE on a black and white screen in sydney aus when i was fifteen. always been my favourite song still the best singer EVER,,
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