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19:20 01-26-2018
Miss the old songs but good luck with all your gospel work. Been to two
17:00 09-28-2017
Helen. Birthday greetings from Canada. Have a great day. xox
09:28 09-28-2017
congratulations Helen, and wishing you and your loved ones a nice day.
greetings from Holland

J.Jaap van Vechgel
07:23 09-28-2017
Happy Birthday, Helen ..... Have a great day !!!

Stephen G. Calcagno, Jr.
Marrero, Louisiana USA
15:57 08-17-2017
Helen Shapiro's voice is stunning! In her Gospel double CD, she is a perfect contralto - a rich, beautiful, deep voice resonating feeling and beauty and meaning in what she sings. I was a little girl when her hit 'Walking Back to Happiness' was famous, and I've never forgotten it, the lovely, catchy tune! And I love Jewish people! Thank you, Helen!
14:40 05-21-2017
I love Helen Shapiro! Listening to a lot of her stuff from Sounds of the Sixties. As a young fan, I'm really happy to have found this amazing singer. Thank you, Helen!
23:35 03-18-2017
I love all Helen Shapiro music and Margaret raby my godmother is a big fan of Helen Shapiro and I bought her the album greatest hits album with lots of fantastic songs of Helens . My godmother Margaret always sings the song you don't know one of Helens great songs so I wish all the best for Helen for the future and most of all I'm so glad Helen has found Jesus. god bless Mary wood.
13:01 12-25-2016
jamais je ne me lasserai de vous écouter, tendres souvenirs. je Vous aime pour toujours .... Angelo - France, Marseille

Never will I tire of listening to you, tender memory. I love you forever .... Angelo - France, Marseille
01:38 12-23-2016
I'd like to wish all Helen fans everywhere a very safe and happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from Australia
23:28 09-28-2016
Wishing you a very happy Birthday Helen- best wishes for the year ahead.
10:46 09-28-2016
Happy Birthday, Helen ..... Have a great day !!!

Stephen Calcagno, Jr.
Marrero, Louisiana USA
13:39 06-02-2016
hi Helen from Italie i send you lots of love.paula from holland.
13:37 06-02-2016
hi Helen from Italie i send you lots of love.paula from holland.
16:33 06-01-2016
Hi everyone!
Just to let you know that I appreciate your messages to me very much. Andrew Earwaker does a great job! However if you have questions for me, it is better to email me at I'm more likely to see them there.
12:24 02-11-2016
Always feeling good when playing your CD's, either at home or in the car. Lost touch with UK pen pals from the early 60's since emigrating to Canada.
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