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23:35 03-18-2017
I love all Helen Shapiro music and Margaret raby my godmother is a big fan of Helen Shapiro and I bought her the album greatest hits album with lots of fantastic songs of Helens . My godmother Margaret always sings the song you don't know one of Helens great songs so I wish all the best for Helen for the future and most of all I'm so glad Helen has found Jesus. god bless Mary wood.
13:01 12-25-2016
jamais je ne me lasserai de vous écouter, tendres souvenirs. je Vous aime pour toujours .... Angelo - France, Marseille

Never will I tire of listening to you, tender memory. I love you forever .... Angelo - France, Marseille
01:38 12-23-2016
I'd like to wish all Helen fans everywhere a very safe and happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from Australia
23:28 09-28-2016
Wishing you a very happy Birthday Helen- best wishes for the year ahead.
10:46 09-28-2016
Happy Birthday, Helen ..... Have a great day !!!

Stephen Calcagno, Jr.
Marrero, Louisiana USA
13:39 06-02-2016
hi Helen from Italie i send you lots of love.paula from holland.
13:37 06-02-2016
hi Helen from Italie i send you lots of love.paula from holland.
16:33 06-01-2016
Hi everyone!
Just to let you know that I appreciate your messages to me very much. Andrew Earwaker does a great job! However if you have questions for me, it is better to email me at I'm more likely to see them there.
12:24 02-11-2016
Always feeling good when playing your CD's, either at home or in the car. Lost touch with UK pen pals from the early 60's since emigrating to Canada.
16:08 12-23-2015
sure you would still hit the charts today helen your voice is as good now or even better than in the 60s are you still touring I heard you sing in churches around my area Essex x
20:59 09-28-2015
Happy Birthday, Helen ..... Have a great day !!!

Stephen G. Calcagno, Jr.
Marrero, Louisiana USA
17:46 09-28-2015
A very Happy Birthday Helen, Hope you have a lovely day.
04:11 09-27-2015
lindsay madden
Happy Birthday Helen for Monday,enjoy your day.
17:51 09-26-2015
Hi Helen happy birthday on Monday (I will be away then) so sending this now all the best Kevin
01:38 08-23-2015
Kumu armstrong
Thank you for the lovely evening at Minsthorpe elmsall yesterday. We had to brave through rain and puddles on the road. But there was this rainbow in the horizon! Few times we were contemplating on turning back. But we made it. It was fully worth. Oh what a blessing to have been there to see u praising the Lord. Thank you for a wonderful evening. God bless u.
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